Five Ways to enjoy Scottish Landscape Artists

Five Ways to Enjoy the Work of the Scottish Landscapists

The Scottish landscape is quite unlike any other. A combination of a unique climate and geology has produced a landscape quite unlike any other in the world.

Most of the people who visit Scotland are there to see the countryside rather than anything else. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the world flood in to see the Lochs and mountains of Scotland. Many of them return year after year to see more. It seems that once you have the bug you simply cannot get enough of the Scottish countryside.

This has resulted in a new wave of demand for the work of the famous landscape artists of Scotland like Knox, Ferguson and Nasmyth. If, like me, you love Scottish landscape paintings here are a few ways you can indulge that love and enjoy them every day.

Living Room Art

1. Prints with a twist

Ok, so this is an obvious one. Quite a few firms out there sell Scottish landscape prints. Many of those firms reproduce the prints in a range of different styles.

Some use specialist print techniques to produce copies of these prints with a modern twist. As an example, changing the colour palette of the painting. This produces a unique version of paintings. It is a technique that works particularly well for the landscape paintings of the famous Scottish Colourists. Ordering a print like this is a great way to get a picture of the Scottish Highlands that actually fits in with the decor of a home decorated in a modernist or contemporary style.

2. Wall stickers

If you fancy transforming a whole wall into a scene from Scotland, you can easily do so using wall stickers. Several firms sell stickers that feature Scottish scenes. Putting them up is not difficult, and if you decide you do not like the effect removing the stickers is not difficult.

3. Screensavers


There are also several screensaver packages available that feature the work of famous artists. Just look for one that includes the works of Scotland’s famous artists to find what you need.

4. Visit the sights

These are all good ways to experience the work of Scotland’s landscape painters, but for me the best way to do it is to actually visit the sights and see them for yourself. Because of the nature of the Scottish weather, the summer is definitely the time to go. If you go in the spring or autumn there is too much of a risk of the view being obscured by rain or mist.

You can do this either independently or as part of a tour. Increasingly Scottish tour operators are offering art themed packages to tourists.

See the real paintings


While you are in Scotland, you can also see many of the original works. By far the best place to see these works is The Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. They have the biggest collection in the world.
There are also some examples of modern Scottish landscape paintings in The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art located in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

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